Jenn Wortman Vaughan

Tutorial Presentations

Making Better Use of the Crowd at ACL 2017

Crowdsourcing: Beyond Label Generation at NIPS 2016 (lecture notes, slides and video)

Prediction, Belief, and Markets at AAAI 2013
with Jake Abernethy

Prediction, Belief, and Markets at KDD 2012
with Jake Abernethy

Prediction Belief, and Markets at Machine Learning Summer School, UC Santa Cruz, 2012 (slides and video)

Prediction, Belief, and Markets at ICML 2012 (slides)
with Jake Abernethy

Workshop Organization

Workshop on Mathematical Foundations of Human Computation at HCOMP 2016
with Shuchi Chawla, Chien-Ju Ho, Michael Kearns, and Santosh Vempala

CCC Visioning Workshop on Theoretical Foundations for Social Computing in 2015
with Yiling Chen, Arpita Ghosh, and Tim Roughgarden
Here is the resulting white paper

6th Annual New York Computer Science and Economics (NYCE) Day in 2013
with Jason Hartline and Vahab Mirrokni

Workshop on Crowdsourcing: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications at NIPS 2013
with Xi Chen, Nikhil Devanur, Alexander Ihler, Qiang Liu, and Dengyong Zhou

Workshop on Markets, Mechanisms, and Multi-Agent Models at ICML 2012
with Amos Storkey and Jake Abernethy

Workshop on Relations Between Machine Learning Problems at NIPS 2011
with Bob Williamson, John Langford, Ulrike von Luxburg, and Mark Reid

Second Workshop on Computational Social Science and the Wisdom of Crowds at NIPS 2011
with Winter Mason and Hanna Wallach

First Workshop on Computational Social Science and the Wisdom of Crowds at NIPS 2010
with Hanna Wallach

First Workshop for Women in Machine Learning way back in 2006
with Hanna Wallach and Lisa Wainer

Program Committees

Senior PC, Top Level PC, Area Chair, or equivalent: NIPS 2016, HCOMP 2016, EC 2016, HCOMP 2015, EC 2015, IJCAI 2015 (middle level), NIPS 2014, NIPS 2013, AAAI 2013, ICML 2012, UAI 2012, COLT 2011, COLT 2010

Extended PC, Formal Reviewer, or equivalent: IC2S2 2017, WWW 2016, NIPS 2015, EC 2013, AISTATS 2012, EC 2011, EC 2010, NIPS 2009, ICML 2009, IJCAI 2009, AISTATS 2009, NIPS 2008, UAI 2008, ICML 2008, AAAI 2008, ICML 2007

Workshop PC: Crowdsourcing and Online Behavioral Experiments (COBE) 2016 at WWW, Social Computing and User Generated Content (SCUCG) 2015 at EC, COBE 2015 at EC, SIGAI CNC 2015, SCUCG 2012 at EC, HCOMP 2012, HCOMP 2011, SCUCG 2011 at EC, NESCAI 2007

Editorial Duties

Editorial Board (Associate Editor), ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation, 2015-Present

Guest Editor, Machine Learning Journal Special Issue on Computational Social Science and Social Computing
with Winter Mason and Hanna Wallach

Editorial Board, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 2010-2013

Editorial Board, Machine Learning Journal, 2010-Present

Women in Computer Science

Co-organizer, Women in Machine Learning: New York City lunch series, 2015-2016

Co-founder (2006) and Executive Board Member (2010-2012, 2014-Present), Annual Workshop for Women in Machine Learning

Program Co-chair, Celebration of Women in Computing in Southern California 2012


Tutorials Co-Chair, NIPS 2017

Workshops Co-Chair, EC 2017 and EC 2018 (two year term)

Publicity Co-Chair, HCOMP 2017

Workshop Selection Committee, NIPS 2016

Secretary-Treasurer, SIGecom, elected position, 2015-Present

Instructor/Mentor, Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School, Summer 2015

Local Arrangements Co-Chair, EC 2010